NEW! Pocket Pet Feature area is presented by The Guinea Pig Store & Zoey & Lilo’s Toy Box is in support of the Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa (FRSO).

Pocket Pets are on the RISE!  The Guinea Pig Store and Zoey & Lilo’s Toybox know EXACTLY what a pocket pet needs to stay comfy, cozy and stimulated! Join them at the Pock Pet Feature area and you can have a picture with the Ferrets! Suggested donation is $5 and all proceeds go to The Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa. The FRSO is the only animal rescue group in the Ottawa area that aids ferrets in need. Ferrets that are brought to the Humane Society are transferred to FRSO for special care. Ferrets are rehabilitated and given any medical attention they require. Ferrets who are healthy enough are adopted out into carefully screened new families.

TGPS is here to assist you with your guinea pig needs.  Our intention is to provide safe and healthy products that are highly recommended for your guinea pigs. TGPS will also be a place to find appropriate sized cages to provide an adequate home for your guinea pigs.


We do our very best at Zoey and Lilo’s Toy Box to provide you and your pets with the best products possible. However, as a responsible pet owner, we do recommend that you are always checking the products while they are in use. For example, some chins do like to chew fleece. Be sure to check the fleece ties for nibbles so that it stays secure! Another example is toys – the termites like to chew, so if you see a sharp piece that they’ve filed down we always suggest that you break it off so they don’t hurt themselves. Our best advice is BE PROACTIVE! 🙂

I hope that you enjoy Zoey and Lilo’s Toy Box! We work closely with a variety of rescues around Canada and the US, and we really like to promote ‘Adopt don’t Shop!’ There are so many rescue animals out there who are waiting for a furever home – and some have been in rescues for most of their life, through no fault of their own. You can be the difference that so many animals are looking for.

These are rescues that we have been involved with in the past or present. We believe that these are wonderful rescues who always look out for the best for the animals in their care. By no means is this an extensive list, but these are the rescues that we have had personal contact with, and can speak to their dedication to their animals.