Prrrr-eparing for Winter

One way or another, winter is on its way. Before we know it, the weather will be turning chilly. As Canadians, we all know the ritual of getting our sweaters out of storage and preparing ourselves for colder temperatures. This year, it’s a good idea to include your pet in the preparations. Even though pets may generally handle cold weather better than we do, we still want to keep them cozy and comfortable.

Here are a few simple ways that you can help your pet prepare for winter!

  1. Skip the haircuts. One of your pets’ best ways of keeping itself warm is their own furry coat! Without it they can lose a lot more body heat or even get frost bite. While it’s important to maintain good grooming (brushing their fur, trimming their nails, etc.), avoid cutting their fur. Your pets’ coat will naturally get fuller and thicker in the winter to help provide that extra warmth. Embrace the shaggy look this winter and your pet will have a wonderfully warm season!
  2. Get the good gear. Some pets have naturally shorter or thinner fur or be used to warmer climates. When the snow arrives, their own coat may not be enough to keep them sufficiently warm. Fortunately, there are lots of options for pet-sized winter gear! Winter coats, head muffs, little booties, lots of items that can help your furry friend stay comfortable whether they are inside having a nap or outside playing in the snow!
  3. Set up a space. Tis’ the season for extra blankets! Find a spot for your pet (or maybe they’ve already claimed one) and give them extra blankets and maybe pillows. Just like us, animals like to find cozy spots to curl up in during the winter. It will be comforting for your pet to know that even when it’s freezing outside they will have a safe, warm space all their own inside.

If you do a little bit of preparing with your pet, both of you can have a safe, healthy, warm winter. It can be a wonderful season!