Dog-Gone Exercise

Exercise is very important, both for you and your pet. However, we all know it can be a bit of a drag.
Here are some fun and creative ways for you and your pet to get some exercise together!

1) Let Them Lead. We all know it’s a good thing to take your dog out for a walk, but sometimes it
can be a little boring travelling the same route over and over. This time, let your furry friend
decide where to go! Keep control of your pet, as you would on a regular walk, but follow where
they (and their nose) decide to go. Right, left, back the way you came, around in circles – there’s
no wrong answer. You may be surprised where your fluffy GPS will lead you!
2) Doga. Yoga plus dogs? Sounds pretty fun! It can be a wonderful way to relax, strengthen and
stretch all while bonding with your pooch. Let them roam about the room, stay by your side or
even join in the stretches. If nothing else, holding a downwards-facing dog pose and trying not
to laugh while your pup helpfully licks your nose is an exercise in itself!
3) Doggy Dancing. We all secretly dance around when no one is watching. Maybe it’s time to enlist
a four-legged friend too! Jumping and dancing around your home or outside will get your dog
doing the same thing. Before you know it, you will both be panting from all the exercise. Just
make sure not to step on each other’s paws!

Having fun with exercise will help you (and your dog) keep at it. An active, enjoyable daily routine will keep you both happy and healthy!

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