Very Pet-icular Costumes

Halloween is on its way, and with it comes costumes – even costumes for our furry friends! When the time comes it can be hard to resist dressing up your dog or cat. Everyone wants to get in on the spooky season.

While some people love pet costumes, others aren’t such fans. If you’re on the fence or trying to decide what pet costume to pick, here are some useful thoughts and suggestions to help you and your pet have a happy and healthy Halloween.

  1. It’s totally pet dependant. Something to consider before anything else is how your own pet will react to having a costume on. Some pets are more sensitive or have higher anxiety than others, and putting them into a costume may exacerbate those issues. If your pet won’t stop chewing at it, pawing at it or struggling to get free, that means they are uncomfortable and you should remove the costume. However, other pets will be completely comfortable in their outfit and will be happy to prance around showing off their duds.
  2. Always consider temperature. Especially with this bizarre fall weather we’ve been having, who knows what the temperature is going to be like on Halloween! If it’s hot out, a heavy costume could easily cause your pet to overheat. On the other hand, if it’s freezing a heavier costume could help keep your pet warm while trick-or-treating. Keep an eye open for excessive panting/sweating for heat or shaking/shivering for cold. Your choice of costume may have to be dictated by the weather.
  3. Keep it simple. Overly flashy, noisy or complex costumes can be overwhelming for pets. Try to keep their costume simple, easy to put on and remove, and comfortable for them to move around in. Keep the costume off of their face – you don’t want to imped their vison, breathing or ability to eat and drink.
  4. When in doubt, change your costume! Want to have your pet with you but don’t want to dress them up? Why not consider a costume for you that includes a pet? Think Dorthey and Toto, Salem and Sabrina or Charlie Brown and Snoopy!

As long as you put your pet’s health and comfort first, there should be no issue with including them in the Halloween fun!


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