A New Addition to our Family

After losing our Cocker Puddles to cancer in January 2014 my husband Joel and I decided that the best way to honour Puddles and her memory was to adopt a dog and give that dog all we gave her. After a few false starts at adopting ..we realized we just were not ready just yet I saw Marley’s video with an Animatch volunteer . It was love at first  sight. I knew he was meant to be our boy and two days later on March 23, 2014 we drove to the rescue to meet him.

Upon Marley entering the meet and greet room he crawled up on to my lap and licked my face . As tears rolled down my eyes I asked for the adoption papers. Marley was 5 1/2 years old at the time and an owner surrender. We took him home that  day. He settled in immediately and quickly brought joy back into our lives. I call him our heart dog as he helped heal our broken hearts.

Marley suffered from extreme separation anxiety and though we worked with him to lessen his fear we soon discovered it was going to be a long process. Our lives changed over night but we didn’t mind. He travelled well so we took him with us every where we could. He’s a great napper in the car. For the odd time we couldn’t take him we found a fabulous dog sitter to come to our home. We enjoyed taking him to obedience school where he did really well. He’s a quiet boy who loves toys and squeaking them makes him feel proud. He loves his naps , car rides , being with us and watching outside for Mr Squirrel.

Fast forward two years and I got tagged by a friend on Woody’s photo.. He was 5 1/2 years old , owner surrender and was in foster care. My husband looked st Woody’s photo and felt strongly about adopting him as I did about Marley. Once again I filled out another adoption application and the following weekend we drove to meet Woody and his foster dad on neutral ground. Marley and Woody got along famously and we fell in love with this sweet boy  and his  angelic face. After Woody had minor surgery he came home to us on March 5, 2014.

Woody settled in immediately and except for one minor scuffle over a ball they bonded quickly and became the best of friends sharing their toys, beds, sofas and our love for each of them. Woody loves toys as well as Marley and I don’t know who gets a kick out of giving them  a new toy more ..Marley and Woody or my husband and I . We love seeing them get so excited . All new toys are bought in two’s so they each get one. Woody is a gentle boy who loves car rides , chasing squirrels and watching for Mr Bunny. He’s a snuggler  just like Marley and gives us affection as much as we give him. He is my Velcro doggy. He’s a definite mamma’s boy.

Woody was the missing link in our family though we never knew it until we adopted him. For two people who never rescued before nor had a male dog we hit the jackpot with our two boys. The expression Who Rescued Who  hits home to us as we believe both Marley and Woody rescued us as much as we rescued them. We are truly blessed. 

~ Susan Thaw Greenberg

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