Why are our Dogs Shrinking?

Research shows that over the past 20 or so years, the average size of a pet dog has decreased by over an inch. For humans, an inch isn’t much, but in dog terms, this is a sizeable difference. So what’s the deal? Why are our dogs getting smaller and smaller?


The first reason is urbanization. We all know that our cities are already sprawling metropolises, but they are still growing every year. When people from rural or suburban areas move to cities, they lose a huge amount of outdoor and often indoor living space that their pets could roam around in. When their current dogs pass away, or if they are looking to own their first dog, a smaller dog more adaptive to a city lifestyle will usually look like a better option. Think about a herding dog living in an apartment building – where would he/she run around all day?

The second reason is money. Many people that own, or wish to own dogs, are young professionals living by themselves or with one or two people. These days, a vast amount of said individuals are underemployed. In the current economic situation, the harsh realities of a constantly decreasing wage average and level of job security mean that people need to cut costs whenever they can. Small dogs eat far less than big dogs do, and that means they cost less. Another win for the small pups.


The third reason is our careers themselves. With more and more people living erratic, constantly changing schedules, it is easier to have a dog who requires less exercise, and less supervision. Traditionally, small dogs are much easier to take care of, and can be comfortable at home alone longer than larger dogs.

Also, who doesn’t want a dog that can fit in their arms?

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