Using Hemp Products for Healthier Pets

Hemp products are becoming a common way to provide a better quality of life for our pets. This supplement may also be referred to as CBD Hemp or simply CBD. Many of you may be wondering about some of the benefits of hemp health maintenance. Well, the news is that hemp, with its safer levels of cannabis than marijuana, boosts the immune system, helps pets maintain a healthier weight, helps with anxiety and epilepsy, improves energy levels and the condition of your pet’s skin, fur or feathers.  Aging pets especially benefit if they need help fighting cancer or to reduce arthritic joint pain.

Best of all, all of these benefits are achieved without any strange side effects. Hemp is also easy for pets to digest. As a matter of fact, it’s actually naturally packed with essential vitamins and minerals that provide important nutrition for your pet.

As shown below, there are several ways to incorporate hemp into your pet’s diet. And as with any other supplement, keep in mind that more is not better. Be sure to carefully read and follow dosing instructions on the packaging.

  • Protein powder is sprinkled over food
  • Oil drops are placed in food
  • Treats are given by mouth
  • Capsules are given by mouth

Adding hemp supplements to a diet may possibly decrease the amount of or be taken in place of many of the medications your pet consumes as they progress in age. If your pet is showing signs of aging, is simply losing its vigor or has a breed risk factor, ask your vet if hemp products will be beneficial. Never make any decisions regarding the health of your pet without the assistance of your vet.

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