Holistic Pet Care Products

Begin a holistic regimen for your pets as early as possible to reduce potential health problems as they age. You can also target breed-specific health problems, common problems for all pets or general problems that only arise from time to time. Implement changes gradually so you can monitor your pet’s behaviors. Adding the sweetness of glycerin extracts or tinctures will help your pet more easily swallow the herbs we’ll mention below.

Liver care
If your pet is taking medicine that affects the liver or if your pet’s breed is prone to liver disease, milk thistle is a natural product that will protect and possibly improve the function of this valuable organ.

Bladder infection
If your pet is prone to bladder infections, cranberry extract will usually prevent recurrences. Cranberry extract is available in capsule form, as cranberry powder to sprinkle over food and as cranberry juice to add to water.

Upset stomach
Adding slippery elm to your pet’s food will relieve diarrhea, loose stools and stomach aches.

Fleas and ticks
Repel fleas, ticks and other parasites naturally with neem oil. Using three or four drops every couple of weeks should keep these pests away as well as strengthen your pet’s teeth and immune system. Cedarwood is another effective flea repellant.

Use glucosamine or ginger supplements to ease arthritic pain.

Natural supplements can help pets with many different health issues, so discuss holistic treatments for these problems with your pet’s vet. As a matter of fact, your pet’s veterinarian should be a partner when you’re seeking natural treatments and preventions for your pet as some treatments may not be suitable for some pets. She will also be able to recommend the correct dosing as well as non-herbal remedies such as acupuncture, exercise and a raw meat diet that your pet may benefit from.

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