Viola’s Beardies Rescue, NOT Just Another Rescue!

Created by  Payton Godon when she was only 12 years old, Viola’s Beardies Rescue has saved many of these sweet, friendly and often misunderstood creatures over the past three years.  In turn, these cold-blooded animals have warmed the heart of their rescuer, who has found real joy and relief from her anxiety symptoms through the rescue and care of these bearded dragons.

Payton and Viola InspirationPayton related to the dragons, who are often prejudged, and not given the chance to show how really sweet they are on the inside! “Not a lot of people are willing to show compassion or the proper care for the scale babies. Reptiles need love too! They are just as soft on the inside as a dog or cat is on the outside.  I hope to rescue many beardies and educate as many people as I can on the proper care and husbandry.” says this incredibly mature and responsible 15 year old!

Payton’s first rescue, named  Viola, was living with a male beardie in the same 40 gallon tank, and suffered a few injuries because of it.  She now has a bobbed tail and missing a full claw from the fights. Through Payton’s great care, Viola is now healthy, happy and pudgy!

Caneast Shows was so moved by this intelligent young girl’s efforts to rescue, foster and educate folks about the Beardie, coupled with her desire to pay her booth fee from her own pocket – that we were delighted to donate the space for Viola’s Beardies Rescue!

We want to spread the word and help Viola’s Beardies Rescue! We are asking all our fantastic animal-loving Ottawa Pet Expo community to consider donating to this incredible cause!  Visit Payton’s GoFundMe Page at: THEN Visit Viola’s Beardies Rescue at Ottawa Pet Expo, Booth #102.  Learn what makes these dragons so magical! 😀



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