Pet Behavioral Training Trends

Pets need gentle training techniques that will help them to behave properly even when we aren’t around to remind them. Mild static charge and sound gently train pets to be obedient.

Remote control training collars that emit a static charge or handheld devices that produce a high frequency are often-used deterrents and trainers that annoy dogs enough to obey without harming them. These devices aid in training dogs to bark less and reduce other bad dog habits or to walk without a leash. Static charge training collars should be purchased based on your dog’s weight.

Boundary control mats train cats and dogs to stay out of rooms, off of furniture or countertops, or other unwelcome locations around the home. Some mats have nubs that are uncomfortable for pets to walk on and others, once again, deliver a safe but annoying static shock.

Alarms that sound with slight vibrations or are motion activated are also commonly used to deter and train pets to stay away from specific areas. The alarms are loud enough to send pets in another direction.

Does your bird bite or scratch? If so, a clicker and treat kit with training instructions may be the help you are looking for. Clicker and treat training is often used as dog and cat training techniques, and it’s effective for training birds to behave properly as well. This training method helps birds warm up to all family members, helps them get over depression and teaches them to cooperate with necessary care such as clipping their nails to reduce and/or eliminate screaming and biting episodes.

Using the devices appropriately will aid in the behavioral training needed to have a happy and healthy relationship with your pet. The noise or static charge keeps our beloved pets out of trouble by gently discouraging unwanted behavior so they will learn to habitually behave well.

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