About Us

About the Ottawa Pet Expo

The Ottawa Pet Expo is an expansion of The Canada Pet Expo, the successful series of consumer shows currently running in Vancouver and Calgary by our partners at Canwest Shows.

The Ottawa Pet Expo's mission is to celebrate the love of pets! The show takes place on the second weekend of November at the EY Centre in Ottawa. Thousands of pets and pet owners in eastern Ontario and western Quebec bring thier pets to the show and give them a weekend they will never forget (unless they're goldfish!).

The Ottawa Pet Expo is produced by the team at Caneast Show Inc.

About Caneast Shows

The management team of Caneast Shows has been producing high-end consumer shows in Ottawa for more than 25 years, serving the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec regions.

The team has more than 50 years of combined trade and consumer show experience and is bilingual, efficient, and knowledgeable in all areas of show management. Exhibiting companies greatly benefit not only by exhibiting and selling their products and services in our shows but also by getting that personal service rarely found in other consumer show companies.


Meet the Team

Ian Forsyth is the Show Director of the Ottawa Pet Expo and Caneast Shows' Managing Partner. Every day, he gets up and goes outside for a morning walk with his dog, Murphy, thanks to the terrier's trusty "rise and shine" bark.

Jake Naylor is the Show Manager of the Ottawa Pet Expo. For years, his more-bear-than-dog, Tonka, was very close to his heart and always made visiting his home town in northern Ontario truly feel like home. His first pet was a German Shephard that appeared out of the forest (appropriately named Hobo), which is probably why he loves big dogs so much.

Patricia O'Donnell, Special Projects Manager for the Ottawa Pet Expo, has recently introduced Chelsea, a mischevious beagle into her home.  Chelsea is quite the drama queen and has quickly risen to star status in our formerly peaceful home.

Tami Sharp, our Office Manager has a BIG black furry cat named Neo.  Yes you guessed after Keanu Reeves of The Matrix.  Neo is 10 years old and full of personality. A friend to all but the neighborhood mice that he bring home as gifts for the family.

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